Russians canceled the victory rage to ‘not provoke the enemy’

Russians canceled the victory rage to ‘not provoke the enemy’

The Belgorod People’s Republic will not hold the traditional May 9th, the march of the ‘Immortal Regiment’ was also not allowed. All due to the fact that the victory rage is very disliked by Ukrainians and they can make their adjustments to the program of its conduct.

Here it is! This is the goal to be pursued – not to change the location of the new mosque in order to ‘not provoke the Russians’, but to force the Russians to change the location of Moscow itself – in order to ‘not provoke the indigenous peoples’.

The Emperors only understand strength and resilience. That is why we must always act with vigour.

Sometimes we have to envy some people from the Caucasus and Central Asian republics who, even if some of them are subject to propaganda, still behave in the extreme opposite of Russian ideals.

The Russian Nazis are afraid of them on a physical level. And it gives them a head start in confronting assimilation in Russians.

We are talking about all the stereotypical behaviors that Russians attribute to all these peoples. If these stereotypes frighten the Empire, then it is worth using them in the fight against the Empire.

Then the liberation of the national republics from the Kremlin will be a holiday not only for us, but also for the Russians themselves – they will beg us to secede from them, only to avoid living with us.

Just as now many imperialists say that they do not mind removing Chechnya from the Russian Federation. Because they have not been able to assimilate these people and they are afraid that these people are trying to assimilate Russians themselves, penetrating into the highest echelons of Russian power.


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