Russian police starts mass detention campaign against Bashkir activists

Russian police starts mass detention campaign against Bashkir activists

Searches and detentions were conducted among activists of Bashkir national movement in Republic of  Bashkortostan. The information was reported by several sources.

Russian enforcers have announced criminal investigation against a man who allegedly hit an OMON [Russian riot police] officer with a shovel during confrontations on Kushtau shihan [hill] in August 2020 as the cause for the mass detention campaign. Joint forces of Russian police (MVD), secret police (FSB) and prosecutor’s investigation committee are performing the anti-activist raid.

At least four man are already detained. At the same time, however, several media report that these searches and detentions are just the beginning of anti-Bashkir repression campaign. Although earlier Radiy Khabirov promised that there will be no repressions against activists. In addition, in January 2021 four participants of conflict in Karmaskaly were searched and detained. It should be reminded that in November 2020 in village of Karmaskaly (Republic of  Bashkortostan) there was a conflict between Bashkirs and Armenian community.

Photo from Telegram-channel “Quray case”

Telegram-channel “Quray case” (referring to its FSB sources) informs that “currently their place of residence are being searched, extremist literature is seized”.

Russian media report that police officials refused to comment this topic, and one’s answering the phone of FSB press bureau.


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