Russian oligarchs remember their roots and ran from the Russia

Russian oligarchs remember their roots and ran from the Russia

Israel sites “Details” and “Israel info” reported, citing their own source in Civil administration management, about the arrival of yet another Russian oligarch Mihail Prohorov.

According to the report, billionaire Prohorov came to Israel from Switzerland on “El-Al” flight and, possibly, is interested in getting an Israel citizenship. From Prohov’s published biographies it is said that he is a golah jew – his grandmother, Anna Isaacovna Belkina, on the mother’s side was jewish. 

In 2012 a publishing house “Izrus”, connected to a ישראל ביתנו (“Israel Beytenu”) consignment, reported that Prohov opened two private clinics in Israel and prefers to be treated there.

Bloomberg rates Prohov 148 of the world’s richest people, estimating his wealth in14.5 billion dollars. Forbes estimates the billionaire more humbly, and puts him on the 198 position in the world’s rating.

After the Crimea annexation and putting sanctions against Russia, the billionaire sold most of his assets and toned down his public activities, despite earlier calling himself a “politician” and took part in the presidential election of 2012. He took the third place back then – after Putin and Zyuganov. It is assumed he got greenlit for it by the Kremlin – or even got “tasked” by it.

While Putin’s lackeys are preparing “spare aerodromes” outside the country – Putin himself and Kremlin’s propaganda brainwashes the minds of the empire’s citizens. “I’m Lak, I am Dagestan, I am Chechen, Ingush, Russian, Tatar, Jew, Mordvin, Ossetian”. Of course, neither Putin, nor Bortnikov, nor Shoigu, nor Kadyrov, nor Prohov – nor their relatives – won’t be sent to war and wouldn’t end with no means for survival – there are many “Russians” for that purpose, and Putin includes Laks, Chechens, Ingushes, Tatars and other enslaved nations in that word.


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