Russian frost in Kilemary, or Captivity teaches Russians nothing

Russian frost in Kilemary, or Captivity teaches Russians nothing

The satisfied and well-fed face in the first photo is volunteer terrorist Alexander Smirnov from Bolshiye Ermuchashi, Kilemary district, Mari El.

He went to establish the Russian World in Ukraine, because he was sure that it had long and finally been established in Mari El, and the Mari supposedly agreed with this state of affairs.

“On my native land, even the air is different, honestly. Our frost is good, RUSSIAN,” shared Alexander.

Well, it is not really the Mari frost in Mari El…

Alexander complained that in captivity he was cruelly tortured because he was not allowed to call home, and his 87-year-old grandmother was waiting for him at home. Probably, his own grandmother is too old for Alexander, and he went to war, like his fellow soldiers in the Kherson region, to rape a younger grandmother – like that 78-year-old grandmother who, together with her 16-year-old granddaughter, was raped by Russian soldiers near Ingulets town on April 6, 2022. Or perhaps Alexander believed that his grandmother was too young and she had a long time to live, so he decided to go to the war to kill someone older, like, for example, the 96-year-old former prisoner of 4 Nazi concentration camps, old man Boris Romanchenko, who was killed by a Russian missile right in his apartment in Kharkov on March 18, 2022.

Let’s compare what this Russian Nazi looks like after captivity with what Ukrainian soldiers look after Russian captivity (the second photo).

They are both war prisoners from the same group of people who were exchanged 100 for 100. The exchange took place the day before yesterday.


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