Russia is recruiting Hezbollah fighters to go the war in Ukraine

Russia is recruiting Hezbollah fighters to go the war in Ukraine

Heavy casualties take a toll on Russian forces. Hence the aggressor is looking to recruit fighters ready to die on the Ukrainian land. 800-1000 Hezbollah Shiites are being recruited by Russians to go to the war in Ukraine.  

It was reported by Kavkaz Center citing the Lebanon  media outlet Al-Khadas.  

Journalists claim that the Wagner group members are in talks with Lebanon Shiites about sending their military units to Ukraine.  

They plan that 200 fighters should arrive at the airport in Hostomel, Belarus on March 29. As per the contract, they are being paid 1500 USD for hiring one Hezbollah terrorist per month. 

In addition, “Hezbollah” and Iran could get some preferences on big deals.

Right after this meeting, “Hezbollah” opened recruiting centers in Syrian cities – Quseir, Aleppo, Yabrud and Sayyida-Zeynab, and also in the South suburb of Beirut in Lebanon, which happens to be under control of this pro-Iranian Shiites group.

Journalists note that previously the leader of “Hezbollah” Hasan Nasralla denied “any possibility of involvement in war in Ukraine”. However, in reality the recruitment campaign is in full swing.

Several Western media outlets also said that Asad’s regime promised to Russia its groups for the war in Ukraine. Despite that, they haven’t yet fulfilled their promise. The Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine has an inside on such information right now.

For the time being, Moscow is urgently redeploying its troops to Ukraine from military bases outside Russia. Currently, we are aware of the troops withdrawn from bases in Tajikistan, Karabakh, Abkhazia and Tskhinvali.

Azerbaijan instantly took advantage of the situation and seized a number of heights illegally held by Armenian military forces under the “cover” of the so-called Russian “peacekeeping forces”.

According to local sources, the 102nd military base in Gyumri, Armenia, is actually empty.

There were also some posts in social media that Georgian military forces are ready “to liberate Abkhazia”. These reports began to come in after it became known that Russian troops had been transferred to Ukraine from South Ossetia (the 4th military base) and Abkhazia (the 7th military base).

Observers state that Putin is gathering all his reserves to try to reverse the trend in Ukraine. Therefore, April appears to be crucial in the Russian-Ukrainian war.


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