Russia has already figured out how to jam Starlink

Russia has already figured out how to jam Starlink

Therefore, the technology, which was predicted as promising for use in the conditions of a possible disconnection of the Runet from the global Internet, is also becoming inaccessible. In addition, these stations can be easily found, and Starlink owner Elon Musk has repeatedly been noticed with his pro-Russian views, so he can cooperate with the Russian Federation to provide data on all users of the system. He even turned off his units right during the battles for Kherson in order to be able to influence the outcome of the battle and give the Russian Federation an advantage.

The Pentagon has versions of Starlink that Musk cannot turn off, but this technology cannot be available in the Russian Federation either. So in case of cutting off the Runet from the Internet, one can be left unconnected.

However, this is not a reason to simply fold one’s hands and wait for the Iron Curtain. In addition to the need for the usual preparation with the creation or acquisition of ammunition and weapons, there are still a bunch of little things that are important to be solved. The current war has shown how important drones are: both observational and combat ones. In order not to be taken by surprise later, it is better to start preparing now and purchasing or assembling them on your own. Drones will be useful to us in the future confrontation with the Russian Federation, regardless of whether it will be military one or we will be able to avoid war. So far, the ability to purchase abroad is available.

At the moment, we should not launch them openly, because the gauleiters have prohibited flights. But purchases and assembly are not prohibited. Civilian drones are also very actively used in the war, and they are also converted into combat ones. If the population of the Idel-Ural has a certain number of drones in their hands that can be used at any time, this will help us all in the confrontation with the invaders.  After all, it is better than to buy them frantically when they are already needed for tasks right away. Moreover, then their import into the Russian Federation will be complicated or even impossible. The main thing is that they cannot be identified and confiscated for the needs of the imperial front.


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