Reaction to the terrorist attack in Crocus City – a feeling of empathy, grief? No

Reaction to the terrorist attack in Crocus City – a feeling of empathy, grief? No

What is there to mourn? That overfed Moscow plunged at least for an hour into what it has been arranging for others for centuries? It is enough to take a look at the pages of the victims on social networks to understand that these people supported the regime, supported the empire, supported mass murders and extermination of other nations. They raised their children in exactly the same spirit. And if they all die because they welcomed all the actions of the Kremlin that later led to their death, then there should be no empathy for these characters.

Today, many people put sad black avatars, wrote posts about grief, and brought flowers to makeshift memorials. Where was all this every time for 30 years when Moscow has staged terrible terrorist attacks in the neighboring countries and continues to do so? As we all could see, it was extremely rare that the population began to mourn spontaneously and not en masse. This means that most of these creatures do not have empathy and never had. They are mourning by order from Moscow. This is the consequence of upbringing according to Moscow narratives.

The administrator of “Khypar” writes that she cannot understand how one can simply kill people, but her brother is fighting in Ukraine and she supports him in this. “Black Bridge” began to worry that the Federal Security Service was doing its job badly. Allegedly, if the Federal Security Service did everything better, there would be fewer deaths. I would like to ask “Black Bridge”: maybe, on the contrary, more, eh?

Even “Dvach,” which is the official Kremlin information dump, where it is customary for administrators and subscribers to mock the death and suffering of people around the world, this time decided to show “empathy.”

They have no empathy, they are simply afraid that they could be in the place of those who died. It is extremely funny to watch how all this “liberal opposition” is now mourning hand in hand in the same harness with Putin’s terrorists, and they are more than ever the “united country”. Which is exactly what the Kremlin wanted.

Then Moscow will ban Хәтер көне, so that the Tatars will not gather together to honor the memory of the defenders of Kazan. Instead, Moscow will begin holding religious processions around the city. Not just because religion obliges it on this day, but to once again demonstrate that the Tatars are the conquered nation. Once again to humiliate the Tatars and mock Tatar history and Tatar heroes.

And in response to this there is not hatred, not contempt – in response to this today, throughout Kazan there are spontaneous memorials and grief for the killed Muscovites who could have lived if their king had not played with people’s lives. Perhaps the Tatars are able to forgive their executioners, being not an evil people. However, Moscow always perceives any kindness towards itself as weakness. The more nations try to compromise and give in, the more Moscow attacks the nations.


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