Rashists begin to be openly proud of their status of occupiers

Rashists begin to be openly proud of their status of occupiers

Previously, they already understood that this was an occupation, but they tried to hide, to conceal that. They were proud only in secret.

But now the moment has come when they declare this with their heads held high.

12-year-old Amir Valliulov from Kazan wrote a book about the fallen soldiers of the under-empire. Well, the child, well, wrote, no surprise. This is a child, right? But it is not so simple. He has written it, and it has been approved, published and now it will be distributed. Parents, editors, authorities of the under-empire. Moreover, he wrote not only based on his knowledge and the news – his parents called relatives of the Kremlin militants, they consulted and interviewed them.

Everyone agrees that they are occupiers. Everyone agrees that this is a war, and not a special military operation, and that a seizure of the foreign land is taking place. Everyone agrees that the Ukrainians are fighting for every inch of the land and that before the arrival of the rashist boot there was no destruction anywhere.

How soon will they begin to greet the emperor with a gesture from the heart to the sun with a cry of “Ave Putin”?

And the author himself … Poor boy! The Russians see him as a Papuan, rejoicing and exulting at the gift of the “white master” – an iron nail and a red handkerchief. What trust, what honor – such a gesture on the part of the masters – they allowed to write a book, like a real writer, they printed it in Russian … a little more – and maybe they will even let them drink tea at the same table!


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