Putin created the peoples of the Idel-Ural

Putin created the peoples of the Idel-Ural

At the beginning of the ХХ century, when the communists were just trying to establish their occupying power, they had to make compromises with the national liberation movements in order to gain confidence and gain more supporters, or at least make some people neutral towards the Bolsheviks.

This whole program of “great concessions” resulted in the creation of national republics, autonomies, territories, and for several years work was underway to transfer the “newly created” countries of the large “union” to national languages and propaganda of national cultures was carried out. Not everywhere, of course, but among the most numerous peoples – among those who could offer significant resistance to the Bolshevik occupation.

Having lulled the vigilance of the people in this way and subjugated them to their will, the Bolsheviks took a course towards the creation of one single Soviet-Russian people.

After the collapse of the USSR, Kremlin propaganda decided to use Lenin’s indigenization policy to promote the re-creation of the Soviet Union. Active stuffing of disinformation began that “Lenin created Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan”, etc.

All this flow of lies, hatred and humiliation was directed at the countries that had already seceded and became independent.

Now, when Putin seeks to retain power and unite the peoples of the empire around some common goal, he is, in fact, making “concessions” by creating “national” battalions in the republics. Of course, they are not national at all, but imperial, and they recruit there those who do not separate themselves from the empire, but this is still presented as some kind of indigenization and work with national “minorities”.

Therefore, in the future, the collapsing empire will use this for another round of disinformation, as if before Putin there was no, even “paper”, statehood of the republics, since they did not even have their own armies, and exactly, their own army is the guarantee of statehood (this is not always the case, as there are states without armies, but the imperials will omit this fact). So it was Putin who created all the republics. And perhaps, he also created the peoples inhabiting these republics. After all, there can be no full-fledged people without a state, the imperials will say. This is the logic of the Imperials, and they will definitely use it against the Idel-Ural.

Now it looks incredibly bad, however, against Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Belarus, it is precisely such “arguments” that the rashists use.


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