Peculiarities of the bond bringing LGBT propaganda

Peculiarities of the bond bringing LGBT propaganda

LGBT is, of course, fear and horror for the Russian world, but not really

The fact is that yes – it is forbidden even just in the children’s theater to play the role of women for men and vice versa, and it is also forbidden to draw a rainbow in children’s coloring books.

But if you are a hurrah-patriot of the empire and want to arrange a same-sex sexual intercourse “for the good” of the Russian state in order to punish enemies or raise the prestige of the Russian army, then you will only be thanked and supported. And if this act is also public or filmed, then it will also be displayed on all federal imperial resources.

After all, the Russian world is like a big prison: if you do, then this is normal, but if somebody does with you, it’s already bad, because then you are lowered.

It is obvious that it is simply impossible to say that a resident of the Russian world wants to get a homosexual experience. But you can always pretend that you want to take advantage of an opponent to whom you are losing an argument/war/competition. Or even the father and grandfather of the opponent – it all depends on the degree of perversion of each one.

The same applies to lesbian love – in view of its prohibition directly, in the Russian world there is now a trend towards trilateral relationships: the wife sends her husband to the war and asks him to rape any women who come across there so that the wife can get satisfaction.

The situation with trances is a little easier. They seem to have been prohibited, but if they sing the anthem of Russia or wear the uniform of the NKVD or cling the Colorado ribbon in the form of Z, then it is allowed.

Bisexuals, one might say, did not fall under the restrictions at all: any man can love both his woman and his president at the same time, and in both cases in a sexual sense.

The only category with which the situation is not entirely clear is people who have changed their sex. It seems that the empire prohibited them, but the videos of Dasha Koreika only became even more popular in RuNet – advertising with them comes across even in federal propaganda resources.


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