Partnership of Russians and Tatars or a new capture of Kazan?

Partnership of Russians and Tatars or a new capture of Kazan?

A well-known Tatar national figure, a follower of Heydar Jemal, philosopher and publicist Ruslan Aisin posted on his Facebook page a news that a new movement, For Free Russia, was established in Istanbul, which included citizens of the Russian Federation currently living in Turkey.

Ruslan Kutaev, a Chechen politician, was elected chairman of the organization, and Ruslan Aisin was elected deputy chairman.

The movement declaration condemns the unleashed war against Ukraine, condemns Putin national policy, the peoples are called on to fight for their rights.

But it is interesting that nowhere in the declaration there is a word about the independence of the national republics, including Tatarstan and Ichkeria.

So a question raises from here: is Ruslan Aisin exactly pursuing the goals of the Tatar national movement, or does he have other goals and objectives?

There is a version that some of the Tatar ideologists, including Ruslan Aisin, are developing a strategy for the second imperial people of Russia for the Tatar nation.

Since the Tatars mostly live dispersed on the territory of Russia, and less than a third of the total number of Tatars live in Tatarstan, hence the conclusion is that the entire territory of Russia is the Tatar world.

The Austro-Hungarian Empire is taken as an example, where the Hungarians were the second dominant people after the Austrians. In the model under consideration, the Tatars can be partners, albeit junior ones, in a “rebooted Russia”.

This idea is being pushed by the Kazan Kremlin, whose emissary is believed to be Ruslan Aisin.

Those who sit in the Kazan Kremlin have no desire to create the independent Tatarstan. They put a lot of effort into the integration of the Tatar elite into the federal power at the highest level. Therefore, a question of searching for a new role for the Tatars in the “beautiful empire of the future” may arise before the modern Tatarstan elites, and not at all about the independent Tatarstan in the world after Russia.

Hence the presented platform in Istanbul for the creation of this organization. Other Russian opposition forces in Turkey cannot achieve such a platform for themselves.

Ruslan Aisin also stated in an interview with the Azatlyk website that he is ready to take part in the work of the Congress of Russian Deputies, which will be held in Poland on November 4-7. The leaders of this congress also stand for the preservation of Russia. How is the position of Ruslan Aisin comparable to the dream of the Tatar people who want to regain their independent state, which they lost 500 years ago?

Already now there is an assimilation of our people at a tremendous pace. It is clear that the continued presence of the Tatars in Russia is like death.

Why are other leaders of the Tatar National Movement silent? I would like to hear their opinion on the actions of Ruslan Aisin.

Only the respected Fauzia Bayramova spoke out critically under the post of Ruslan Aisin.

The Istanbul press conference on saving Russia is also dangerous in that it sends disastrous signals on behalf of the enslaved peoples to the free world. If Tatar intellectuals give crutches to a wounded monster, who in Ukraine, the USA, Europe, Turkey will seriously talk about an independent Tatarstan?


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