Partisan ideas never end

Partisan ideas never end

Near St. Petersburg, one of the large power line pylons was blown up, and the explosive did not work on the second one.

Someone will say that, they say, this is just sabotage, because this action does not affect the waging of the war in any way and it would be better to blow up a freight train, as it was done in Bryansk region.

But the war of conquest is not only about locomotives with equipment and fuel. The war of conquest is also about people who are in their comfort zone and everything suits them perfectly. Why do they need to change something if everything is already “good” for them? The war is going on “somewhere out there”, in some “new lands”. Well, we are killing some people there, well, our people are killed there too – what of it? It is not in our land, is it?

Such actions will make the Russians think. They will either become firm that they are right and will be ready to make sacrifices (without shifting the burden of losses on the indigenous peoples) and defend their greatness, or they will realize that the price for great power chauvinism can be too high or even unbearable. In short, it is as in a joke, “And why us?”

The more and more often the war is already echoing nearby, and even in all spheres of life, the fewer imperials become in number. It is like with the communists – they are faithful to the party ideals only up to their first million bucks.

With imperials decreasing in the number, the appetites of the empire also decrease.


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