Part of national culture or national shame?

Part of national culture or national shame?

Everyone in the Idel-Ural has such a flaw. A book, a song, a film, a play in Russian — it doesn’t matter, the main thing is that it was created by a representative of the indigenous people. Preferably, the people from which you also come from. Then honor and respect to this creator, they say, ours can also, not only the Russians! It is considered part of the national culture, people are ready to support this creativity.

But, after all, all this “creativity” is created with a conscious disregard of the native language. Because it is “unpopular”, because it is “unpromising”, because it is “not liked by everyone”, because “you will not gather a large audience with it”. At the same time, the more actively people encourage this, the more similar products appear and the less they create in their native language.

That is, the inferiority complex develops and scales itself.


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