Orthodox country without Orthodox people

Orthodox country without Orthodox people

The celebration of Easter in Russia with the participation of almost 3 million believers passed without violations, according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. That is, in this country, the Orthodox people are in the minority, and the occupying power claims the opposite. Who are all those masses of schizoids who beat their chests for the Orthodox faith, but do not observe it themselves? They have such ostentatious Orthodoxy, which is more reduced to glorifying king than to real faith.

Compare percentage:

✔️ In neighboring Belarus, about 1 million people came to church services, with the population of 9.5 million.

✔️ In Ukraine, before the full-scale invasion, about 10 million people visited temples on that day, with the population of 44 million (now services have been canceled in many places or temples have been destroyed, so it is impossible to count).

✔️ In the Russian Federation, 3 million came to churches with the officially declared population of 146 million.

Rashists themselves do not believe in anything except the king, and they do not allow others to believe – persecuting both Muslims and Buddhists, as well as Christians of other confessions.

At night, while Patriarch Gundyaev was talking about the fact that the Ukrainians should capitulate, a Russian rocket demolished a temple in Zaporizhzhya region.

Their whole imperial faith is hatred, envy, servility. It does not produce anything else and is not based on anything.


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