Old “WV” can be wiped out from history textbooks

Old “WV” can be wiped out from history textbooks

All the Kremlin propaganda of the last decades revolved around the Second World War, namely around the so-called “World War II”, which was invented in order to “forget” the fact that the first two years of the Second World War the USSR and the Third Reich fought together as allies. The beginning of the war was “postponed” until 1941 – and the vatniks are no longer interested in the fate of several hundred thousand Soviet soldiers killed during the Soviet attack on Poland, Finland, Romania, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, as well as during the military campaign of the councils in Iran.

From the very beginning, Putin tried to convey to his controlled herd that Hitler “just made a mistake” — he had to organize an alliance of the Third Reich and the USSR to fight together against the United States. Putin has always regretted that this has not happened.

Therefore, although he developed the theme of the WWW for propaganda purposes, he presented it differently than the war with the Third Reich. For the cotton audience, this war became a war with all of Europe. After all, a “super-Power” cannot fight only with one country, and also with a former ally – this is somehow small and not super-Power, and it also exposes the short-sightedness of super-Power leaders who are unable to choose their allies correctly.

Also, Putin always envied Stalin that all the vatniks see in this tyrant a “great general” and worship.

Now Putin will have his own holy war. The new “WB”. There will be new veterans to replace the extinct, there will be new large-scale parades.

The presence of significant victories in this does not even matter: the fact that Russia faces almost the whole world is a victory. Stalin couldn’t do that. Stalin was only at war with “all of Europe.”

Putin has surpassed all, and it is his name, not Stalin, that will be uttered “with trembling” by succeeding generations of racists. He hopes so.


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