November 8  is the Day of Siberia

November 8  is the Day of Siberia

For most Russians, this is an integral part of the state and a kind of reason for pride, because it is famous for its incredible natural wealth, and its territories are huge.

But how did the Russians get Siberia? Now in Russian textbooks it is written about  the history of entry of absolutely any territory into the state using approximately four standard phrases of the imperial propaganda:

1. This land was almost uninhabited and was annexed in passing, since, insofar as no one particularly claimed it, why should the territories stand idle?

2. This land was inhabited by robbers and runaway peasants hiding from their masters. In order to stop this, I had to annex and restore order.

3. This land was subjected to severe attacks by neighboring states, and its people prayed for the protection and patronage of the Muscovite state, voluntarily accepting citizenship.

4. This land was inhabited by the wildest tribes, not inclined to civilization, as a result of which they did not understand why they should own such territories. Because of their extreme backwardness, these tribes lived like animals, and there was a great pestilence and litigation among them, but the Russians came and gave them everything.

The Kremlin applies all these “versions” to the same territory at the same time, or it can alternate or use only one.

However, sometimes the Russians have bouts of extreme pride for their imperial manners, and they openly speak that they simply conquered this territory without any background – they just wanted to, it was just profitable, they just could, simply and with pleasure.

Siberia is the reason for imperial pride in every sense, and therefore in the case of Yermak and his conquests of Siberia, Kremlin propaganda is most often blabbed out. In fact, it openly declares that Siberia was captured and there were no “voluntary annexations.”

If you are arguing with a rashist about what territory and why turned out in the Russian Federation, if this state “never attacked anyone”, then ask about Siberia. Any rashist immediately admits about its conquest, joyfully noting that this is strength that Russia had.

The Russians even came up with the idea of ​​drawing Yermak and his troops in robes and armor, similar to the robes and armor of the conquistadors in Latin America – so great is the pride in conquering this land.

And just as great will be the disappointment when the empire crumbles and the peoples of Siberia regain their freedom.


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