No, they will not be so lucky

No, they will not be so lucky

The list of those killed in the crash of Prigozhin’s airplane also includes flight attendant Kristina Raspopova, 38 years old, originally from Chelyabinsk region, graduated from the Moscow Financial and Law University (MFLA).

Kristina Raspopova also “was not interested in politics.” But politics helped her become a flight attendant of the charter – being the sister of the deputy prosecutor of Chelyabinsk region, she was her close and trusted person in the system. In other words, she was taken through connections. And she has become a consumable for the system, because the system always devours itself.

Every pawn in the system always hopes that it will slip away, it will not be hit, it will be lucky. But if not on purpose, then the system will devour up “accidentally”. As Christina was gobbled up.

This should be remembered and known by everyone who works for the system or collaborates with it, as well as all members of their families. After all, one can “not be interested in politics” as much as he likes, but then he will be sent to the “Akmola camp for the wives of traitors of the Motherland” or “on the airplane to Prigozhin.”


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