No elections

No elections

Tomorrow, September 8, 2019 “combined voting day” will take place. Aim of this event is to legitimize assigning of Kremlin’s proteges for leading positions at various levels as well as those, who are loyal and safe for federal center.

Free Idel-Ural movement notes, that habitants of Idel-Ural (rus. Povolzhye) republics are actually deprived of the right to delegate their representatives to government bodies. Political freedoms are absent on territories under control of Russian federal authorities. Representative bodies and elected public servants ceased to express real moods and needs of people. Candidates are elected not by voters, but by Moscow. Exactly Kremlin, but not people of Idel-Ural, determine who and where will win.

Moksha, Erzya, Chuvashs, Mari, Tatars, Udmurts and Bashkirs are deprived of their choice not only essentially, but even formally: national and regional political parties are still prohibited in Russian Federation. None of federal political parties declares protecting of our people from final assimilation, and does not even aim to real federalism.

In keeping with stance of non-violent struggle, Free Idel-Ural movement considers that pre-condition of irreversible changes in our countries is not participation in any “elections” organized by Moscow, but more active civil struggle for our rights and freedoms.

We encourage our supporters to boycott Moscow-organized “elections”. Your presence at polling stations helps Kremlin regime in its imitation of democratic electoral system. The more convincing this imitation will look like, the heavier it will be for Idel-Ural republics to get rid from their colonial status.

At the same time we do not cast aside possibility of future support of particular candidates, if such persons or political movements will publicly support abolition of prohibitions on creation and operation of national and regional political parties as well as real right to be elected in government bodies for all national and political associations and their candidates.

Freedom of choice exists only as universal freedom. Demand rights and freedoms, not just change of faces!


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