New resolutions of At’yan’ Ezem: Informational and Nomenclative commissions are established, National court is formed

Atäń Ězemeń odt meĺssamotne

On June 12, second 2020 session of At’yan’ Ezem (erz. Council of Elders) took place. Council members accepted a bunch of resolutions in order to continue institutionalization processes in Erzya national movement.

Erzya informational commission (EIC) was created to inform both Erzya and international community about aims and tasks of Kirdiyur as well as to publicize the activity of Erzya national movement. Representative of Erzya diaspora in Ukraine was appointed head of the commission. The first working meeting of the Commission was held on June 14 with participation from Office of Inyazor (erz. Chief Elder). Priority actions were approved on the meeting in order to strengthen Erzya media visibility in EU countries and USA, particularly by budgeting the very first Erzya social and political magazine – the project Commission already works on together with Office of Inyazor.

At’yan’ Ezem also established Erzya nomenclative commission (ENC), that is an expert consultative body formed by Erzya linguists. Priority tasks of the commission were defined as development and active implementation of new Erzya expressions, terms and concepts; creation of glossary of terms; studies on terminological issues.

Council members confirmed head of ENC – a scientist who resides in Erzyan’ Mastor and have already initiated consultations with fellow linguists in order to take initial steps of the commission.

At’yan’ Ezem approved members of Vid’ekuro (Erzya national court) convened by three well-reputed Erzya with proper education and experience.

Standalone solution of the Council, aimed to avoid leverage and repressions against activists of Erzya national movement, explicitly forbids disclosure of any personal data related to any body, entity and/or structure of Kirdiyur till the moment of social and political situation in Erzyan’ Mastor being normalized.

In the end of the meeting elders considered and supported the joint statement of At’yan’ Ezem and Inyazor on Erzya participation in VIII World Congress of Finno-Ugric Peoples.


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