Natives of Mari El are transferred to Bakhmut to help the Wagner militants

The Wagner militants,as expected, did not receive any permission to leave the city, so they would continue to die there in quantities of 90 or more people for 150 meters or less per day. Therefore, as always, Prigozhin produces nothing but hype on other people’s deaths.

The question arises: do the relatives and wives of the Mari want the mobilized people and contract soldiers to be transferred under the command of the Wagner militants? This has already happened. If rashists’ wives from other republics came out to demand that their husbands not be transferred under the command of the DPR (which is generally nonsense, because in this way they do not recognize the DPR as part of the Russian Federation, and the Ministry of Defense does not recognize it as well), where they would be use as a cannon fodder, then the Wagner militants will use these Mari a cannon fodder much faster than even the DPR militants.

After two nights of shelling Bakhmut with phosphorus ammunition (prohibited by international conventions), the city looks like this. If earlier the Russian side at least tried to accuse the Armed Forces of Ukraine of such shelling, now no one hides it, and all the orcs proudly declare that it is they who are burning Bakhmut. This is “liberation”. Without capability and possibility to conquer the city, the Muscovite Nazis decided to simply burn it down.

And people from Mari El are transferred into this hell. Wives and parents have probably already chosen money instead of husbands and sons. And what will the Mari soldiers of the Kremlin choose for themselves?


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