Moscow is shooting at its henchmen again – what a surprise!

Moscow is shooting at its henchmen again – what a surprise!

And do the gauleiters of the Volga republics think that they will avoid such a destiny? Did Moscow leave alive half a dozen of those gauleiters who ruled Donbass during the war and knew a lot about all the war crimes? Now every gauleiter of every republic and every region of the Russian Federation has blood on his hands up to his shoulders, not up to his elbows. Does Moscow really need at least one of them to ever speak out, even in theory? Everyone will be exterminated.

As a result of the shelling of Odessa, three people and a dog were killed.

Another 20 people were injured, including a 12-year-old child. Fragments of an Iskander-M ballistic missile fell on the palace of students of the Odessa Law Academy, also known as the “palace of Sergey Kivalov,” an odious pro-Kremlin politician from the party of the fugitive former president Yanukovych. Civilian homes and city infrastructure were also damaged. Kivalov himself was wounded in the thigh of his right leg and was taken to a private hospital with venous bleeding.

The fact that the fragments fell on the palace is not an accident. The missile was flying there, but it was shot down, so the palace was only damaged by fragments, and not completely demolished along with the jerk servant of the Kremlin. First, Moscow bombs the churches of the Moscow Orthodox Church, punishing the priests glorifying the king for their bad brainwashing of the population of the foreign country, now it is directly trying to kill its accomplices among the corrupt politicians – for the fact that they know a lot. In such a way, the Kremlin will have no friends left.


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