Minnikhanov, Rais of Tatarstan was not allowed to Moldova

According to Minnikhanov, the candidate for the Bashkans (heads) of Gagauzia Viktor Petrov and socialist deputy Alexandr Sukhodolskiy (rather pro-Kremlin and pro-Soviet politicians, as well as the authorities in Gagauzia in general) invited him to take part in an event under the pro russian name “Friendship of Peoples – 2023”, but the Moldovan authorities did not allow him to enter the country.

The elections of the Bashkan of Gagauzia, the autonomy within Moldova, will be held on April 30. Let’s hope that the big war showed the Gagauz what awaits them if they dance to the tune of Moscow. If they would like to keep in touch with the Turkic world, they would invite Rafis Kashapov, and not a servant of the Kremlin.

How did Minnikhanov get into the airspace of Moldova and why was he made to come back and was not let go to be detained at the airport?


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