Minnikhanov and Safargali

Minnikhanov and Safargali

Our movement adressed to Rustam Minnikhanov, President of Republic of Tatarstan, with a request to provide financial support to family of Danis Safargali, Tatar political prisoner. His wife Guzel is now raising 4 children on her own.

Political prisoners remain to be probably the most uncomfortable topic for authorities of Republic of Tatarstan to discuss. It is a very sensitive toe for all top-officials of Idel-Ural Republics. To admit any existence of political prisoners means to recognize colonial status of Republics and to confirm that Moscow treats Idel-Ural (rus. Povolzhyye) region just as raw material source and native peoples as an obstacle to colonial exploitation of our land. 

It is difficult even to imagine, that President Minnikhanov could publicly stand up for any political prisoner. It would mean collapse of all vassalry system and open rebel against Moscow. Indisputably, today Minnikhanov is not capable to make such steps. 

We do not ask President of Tatarstan to show his courage. We do not even count on it. However, he has a good chance to show humanity. 

Tatarstan will not be gas-station of Moscow forever. Someday in schools of independent Tatarstan children and young people will study the present period of time just as Latvians and Lithuanians study USSR era in their countries’ history. What will be written about Minnikhanov in these history books? It depends only on him now. 


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