Mari celebrate the day of their republic 

Mari celebrate the day of their republic 

Today, in the center of Yoshkar-Ola, activists of the national movement of the Mari people handed out flags and stickers with the symbols of Mari El. Once it will be a big holiday, but for now it is necessary to celebrate semi-underground.

A subscriber from Mari El sent a photo of the action held today on the occasion of Mari El Republic Day via the chatbot of the Free Idel-Ural editorial office.

Do you remember how much pathos the empire demonstrated at the celebrations of the “annexation” of the newly captured territories? Not a single Republic Day has ever been celebrated on such a scale – neither Mari El Republic Day, nor other republics Day in the Russian Federation. Because the existence of republics for the empire is very disadvantageous.

The purpose of this action is to remind the citizens of Mari El that this is not just a day of “friendship and harmony” of the peoples of the Russian Federation, but the day of the founding of the first autonomy after the collapse of the RI as part of the RSFSR. Well, and just to wish everyone a happy “birthday”, how can it be without this.

Yes, before that there was the Malmyzh Principality, but it was captured by the Muscovite kingdom, and in history there are many memories of the great bloody wars of the Mari people for their freedom from Moscow.

 500 flags in total were printed, half of which was taken by Ramai Yuldash, the organizer of this event, for distribution in Gornomariyskiy district of Mari El.

In total, they managed to distribute about 200 flags and about the same number of stickers.

On the one hand, the flag of the sample of 1992, and on the other of 2006.

It is important to remind people that the old flags of Mari El have more rights to take the place of the state flag of the republic.

We urge you to do the same in other republics. Posters, flags, stickers with national symbols, badges, ribbons, children’s toys in your national colors and with national symbols – everything that is available for you and for what you have enough opportunities and / or creativity.

It is necessary to show the population of the republic and the international community that Mari El is alive, it exists, fights and hopes for freedom.

None of the republics of the Idel-Ural is going to give up and disappear for the benefit of the empire.


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