Mankurts from Bashkortostan showed the village they destroyed in Donbas

The imperial degenerates joyfully reported that they had destroyed Pivnichne village, Yasynuvata district, Donetsk region and killed its inhabitants (they exactly killed them, because many, especially old people, do not want to leave their homes, even if they are bombed).

When conversations begin about reparations after the war, one of the arguments is “Moscow sends our people there by force, so only Moscow should pay.” No one sends contract soldiers by force. They go there voluntarily. They voluntarily destroy the foreign country. In addition, most of the mobilized people do not even try to evade the war – they are reassured by the promise of payments and privileges, just like contract soldiers. Judging by the feedback from home, a huge number of people support them in this.

There is no comparison here with the Soviet wars, when people were not even given the choice “to fight or not to fight.” These people clearly make a conscious choice to fight to ensure that their republic remains under the rule of the expanding empire. So reparations will come not only from Moscow. This is necessary not only for the triumph of justice. People must understand that there is responsibility for every crime. If responsibility is placed only on the “leadership”, and not on the performers as well, then these performers from the republics, their relatives and friends, who joyfully equipped them for the war, will have a sense of impunity both throughout the war and after its end.

“Moscow will be responsible for everything, and not us, which means we can do whatever we want, right?”

No, this principle does not work. It could work if everyone was forced to go to the war. However, most of them go with their own desire – to earn bloody money. Therefore, the population of the republics must understand that they will lose much more than they will earn what was promised by Moscow. Moreover, there will be a lesson for all other empires and their colonies: if the population of the colonies goes to war voluntarily, then they are not victims, but accomplices in the war.


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