Mankurt-volunteers on split

Mankurt-volunteers on split

“I need this – I don’t know, I can’t say what”, Kol Sharif says how Russian volunteers work after the absurdity has entered a new round  in Russia.

Many people probably know that the Federal Security Service has updated, or rather, expanded the list of classified information about military and military-technical activities in Russia. One can now be persecuted for assessing the military-political situation, talking about the moral climate in the troops, disclosing personal data about the military and their families. In particular now it is impossible to say that the mobilized are asking for something or the army lacks something, etc.

Now those who collect so-called humanitarian aid to the mobilized of “the second army of the world” cannot even announce what  food, ammunition, etc. is missing in the army, fearing to fall under a criminal case not only about “discrediting the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation”, as it was before, but also about “disclosing information that could be used against the security of the Russian Federation”.

In this regard, volunteers in Tatarstan, involved in the collection of humanitarian aid, began to publish appeals, carefully choosing words, fearing to fall under a criminal law. Look at the screenshot.

Such is the degree of assimilation of the population and devotion to the Russian occupation authorities. They are ready at our own expense to feed and clothe the army of the state under the occupation of which they are, fearing at the same time to get jail time. Thus, preserving the crumbling power of the occupier over themselves.

Here we recall the words of General Dzhokhar Dudayev, who fought for the liberation of Chechnya from Russian occupation, “A slave who does not seek to get out of slavery deserves double slavery.”


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