Looting as the basis of statehood

Everything that the Russian world has now is exactly the same “removed”, taken away from those to whom this “world” came, or built / created by the hands of prisoners and slaves whom this “world” captured.

This is the only way this under-empire exists. To deprive it of all this – and again there will be only swamps and hunter-gatherers in a few houses on piles of chicken legs overgrown with moss.

Even a large number of its population is only the result of two causes:

1. Displacement of the indigenous population from the deliberately depressive conditions of the provinces to the metropolis in order to populate these “deserted” lands with deported people, so that they would be quickly mankurtized in isolation from their native land and traditions.

2. Theft of the children of the newly captured lands for the education of the Janissaries, who will keep their own Motherland in the jaws of the under-empire even harder, and then go to seize more and more vast territories for the spread of insatiable rashism.


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