Liberal imperial TV channel Rain participates in the war

The host openly says that the Rain TV channel, which positions itself as a “liberal and opposition resource”, collects money and buys equipment and uniforms for the imperial occupation troops.

In principle, there is nothing unexpected in this, and it is not without reason that this channel was banned from broadcasting in Ukraine and in some Baltic countries back in 2014 – after all, this is a liberal opposition not to the imperial system, but only to the way the empire develops.

People like Putin want a big but blitzkrieg war, and people like the team of the Rain or the team of Sobol and Navalnyi dream of gradual and well-thought-out imperial conquests with little bloodshed or about the seizure of foreign territories with no losses among their troops at all. This is the only difference between them.

Therefore, with the words “I am a Russian liberal,” it is better to hit the sound so as not to become its next victim.

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