Kazakhstan is preparing for Russian aggression – based on the experience of Ukraine

Kazakhstan is preparing for Russian aggression – based on the experience of Ukraine

Kazakhstan is intensively preparing for a war with Russia. A bill has been written based on the experience of Ukraine in countering Russian aggression.

The Security Council of Kazakhstan has submitted an important bill to the parliament, in which Ukraine is mentioned. It deals with preparations for repelling foreign aggression.

The details were released by the Ministry of Defense of Kazakhstan.

The bill provides for the introduction of military service in the reserve on a contract basis. According to the document, this will allow the immediate deployment of permanent combat readiness units, if necessary, without the introduction of martial law and a state of emergency.

The bill itself mentions that the reason for such measures is Russia’s occupation of the Ukrainian Crimea and Donbass.

Kazakhstan obviously does not want to repeat Kyiv’s mistakes in case of unexpected Russian aggression.

“The events in Ukraine have revealed a number of problematic issues related to the mobilization of the Armed Forces,” the document’s concept says.

In a rapidly changing environment, every minute of delay can significantly affect the balance of power in the theater of operations or worsen the state after natural or man-made emergencies.

The situation was commented on Facebook by Ukrainian volunteer and blogger Myroslav Hai.

“In fact, Kazakhstan has admitted that it is preparing to repel the aggression of the Russian Federation and is not going to repeat the Ukrainian mistakes. The Kazakhs want to have a prepared reserve for the beginning of the war,” Hai wrote.

He stated that against the background of the growing threat from Russia, its neighbors have turned to the experience of Ukraine and are studying both mistakes and successful cases in countering the war.

It should be noted that recently, high-ranking officials of Russia have begun to openly present territorial claims to Kazakhstan. One of the most ardent supporters of the seizure of Kazakh lands was the leader of the LDPR party, long-term deputy of the State Duma of Russia, Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

Earlier, Dialog.UA reported that total decolonization had begun in Kazakhstan: all Russian street names were being “cleaned up”. It was decided to remove even neutral Russian names.

On some buildings, signs with new names have already appeared. Now they are named after prominent Kazakh figures, reports Pavlodartoday.com.


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