Kamil Galeyev: “A few dozen burned relay cabinets will complicate the Z-group supply”

Kamil Galeyev: “A few dozen burned relay cabinets will complicate the Z-group supply”

The authoritative Tatar scholar and orientalist Kamil Galeyev, who predicts Russia splitting into new states, publicly appeals to his Telegram channel followers.

Galeyev recommends that weak and indecisive people leave Russia: “If you want to leave, do it immediately, the sooner the better, to any open country other than Belarus. There is no point in trying to figure out which one is better, the main thing is to cross the border, and then you’ll see. Kazakhstan and others are unlikely to block the exit, but the Russian Federation will. If you have not decided where to go and what to do next you can go to Istanbul – it is the largest hub and  you can fly to almost all countries from there. As soon as you cross the border you can think your further actions over. They definitely depend on your finances, skills, network and numerous surrounding circumstances.”

The Tatar explains why Moscow and St. Petersburg are in for some trying times ahead: “While the system is still functional, it will supply Moscow on a priority basis. Here, they will provide for as wide a range of food as possible and at the lowest prices possible. They will try to avoid cuts of electricity, water, etc. And vice versa. Once the system fails, Moscow will become a death trap. First, it critically depends  on an uninterrupted food supply on a large scale. It cannot even theoretically live on subsistence food. Second, when everything really collapses, I can imagine that at least some humanitarian aid will be delivered to St. Petersburg, Arkhangelsk, or Ufa. The possibility of Moscow receiving humanitarian aid does not exist even theoretically. In relation to Moscow, only one scenario will be possible: if there is a fire, let it burn. It will be the heart of darkness. If you can leave Moscow and go to some village, preferably in a food-producing region, don’t hesitate to go”.

Kamil Galeyev also gives advice to those brave and determined: “People ask: what can an ordinary Russian do to stop the war? My answer is sabotage and damage to infrastructure. It’s really risky. But the outcome is enormous. I don’t think any action that is actually available to an ordinary person would do as much damage to the Russian military machine as damaging the railway infrastructure. The supply from China is heavily dependent on the Trans-Siberian Railroad and it is a bottleneck. And the military industry as a whole is full of such bottlenecks. A few dozen burned relay cabinets will complicate the Z-group’s supply.”


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