Kalmyk people congress – let oligarchs and their children fight!

Kalmyk people congress – let oligarchs and their children fight!

Moscow continues to send the representatives of the  Russian Federation, national republics and indeginious people to fight in Ukraine, as military experts indicate worldwide. 

The official statements by the national republic heads, who unanimously rushed to “express their support and credit to the president Putin”, gave way to the official reports on the Russian military losses. The information about the countrymen dying and being captivated arrives to the national republics almost every day. Publicly condemning RF Armed Forces invasion into Ukraine since the first days of war, the national movements’ voices are getting stronger. 

Today, the special statement on Kalmykia military, sent to war in Ukraine, was declared by the Oirat and Kalmyk People Congress – the Kalmyk national representative body, which had earlier expressed its solidarity with the people of Ukraine and urged the RF government to withdraw its troops from Ukraine:


of the Oirat and Kalmyk People Congress to Kalmyk People, Residents of the Republic of Kalmykia and All Russians  

Dear brothers and sisters! Dear country people! Russians!

On the territory of the sovereign independent neighboring state – Ukraine, to our great disappointment, the military of the Russian Armed Forces are taking part in the full-scale warfare, which is absolutely unacceptable in the 21st century.

We, Oirat and Kalmyk people, a minority group, were involved in all wars protecting the interests of the Russian Federation during the last 400 years. We have lost the genetic pool of the nation – lives of thousands of our best people. What do we have today? Two most developed regions of the Kalmyk region, taken away and separated from our Republic back in December 1943 by the Stalin regime, multibillion debts and ranking last in economic and social indicators among other Russian regions. We do not need this special military operation in Ukraine where our young people are dying. We urge all reasonable people, our countrymen, all Russians to not participate in this insane massacre in Ukraine and we will all live peacefully! Let’s save the lives of our young people! No war! Peace to the world!


Chairman A.B. Sandzhyiev

Vice-Chairman B.B. Boromangnaiev

Vice-Chairman V.A. Dovdanov

Vice-Chairman A.A. Erdniiev


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