Jihad for the Russian Empire

Jihad for the Russian Empire

State Russian “defenders” of Islam talk a lot about how the Quran was burned in Sweden.

They threaten the Swedes, they are actively pushing propaganda of hatred towards the whole of Europe. But when 850 Qurans were burned in China in one day, and not by hooligans, but specifically by the police, there was complete silence from the side of the Kremlin propagandists.

No one gave the command to bark towards the strong and expensive partners. No video clips of Kadyrov’s militants advancing on Beijing, no calls to apologize, no angry posts from Khabirov in Chinese (as he wrote in Ukrainian) — nothing at all. Nobody burned the Quran. It is all American propaganda.

But Jihad against NATO and Ukraine is always welcome. Because China can easily respond by stopping buying hydrocarbons and selling weapons, equipment, food and voting against the Russian Federation in the UN and other organizations.


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