“Isn’t it fascism to rent apartments in the Russian Federation “only to Slavs”?” Why do indigenous peoples have even more reasons not to support the “special operation” than everyone else

“Isn’t it fascism to rent apartments in the Russian Federation “only to Slavs”?” Why do indigenous peoples have even more reasons not to support the “special operation” than everyone else

Now that the “special operation” has exposed the true state of the indigenous peoples in the Russian Federation, many have realized that for Moscow nobody can fit in: the Kremlin is equally at ease destroying both Ukrainians and RF citizens, regardless of their nationality. However, many indigenous people who were born and raised in the Russian Federation simply cannot imagine any other attitude towards them. Moscow has stolen their chance to live in a state of their own, and now it is trying to make sure that their children and grandchildren do not get that chance. It is reported by the Telegram channel «Жил один злой осетин! Царди иу мÆсты ирон! — [Æ]»  whose address we publish here.

In general, I do not really understand the position of the Ossetians who support the war, justifying it as a struggle against Nazism. Isn’t it fascism to rent apartments in the Russian Federation “only to Slavs”? Or the fact that for years we have been called churks, khachas, and black asses? And the fact that the news in the criminal chronicles focuses on the banditry of “persons of Caucasian nationality”? So, you vehemently support the “fight against Nazism” in the form of a war against a foreign country, but you don’t want to notice what’s going on at home, real domestic fascism? Or have you been used to it?  Maybe we should stop thinking in terms of the slogans of Skabeyeva, Kiselev, and Solovyov. Learn to think critically. And if you begin to think critically, you will become afraid of what the bald man (Putin) has done.

Don’t think that with the economic blockade everything will be like in the Soviet Union and we will build communism.  The botox-lover (Putin) is surrounded by oligarch thieves, to whom, as 2014 showed, he has given enormous funds to keep afloat. What about ordinary people? Don’t you remember Medvedev’s “there is no money, but don’t give up”.

When Peskov was asked about assistance to the population, he replied that “we’re doing fine”. Absolutely nothing has changed, jubilant people so far will soon find themselves even more screwed, and the talk of “we survived the 90s and will survive again” has no basis other than stupidity and shortsightedness. Now we find ourselves in international isolation, while in the 1990s we had a market that was absolutely open to any kind of supply, and people could go to Poland and bring something to sell. Now, there will be access to the market. Automakers are leaving the Russian Federation, the miserable Vesta costs 2 million, and soon it will be gone. But that’s the little things, you can still somehow do without a car. And what will happen to cancer patients who need medication? Have you thought about it? Shall we hope for China? If China will supply anything, it will be at exorbitant prices, and most likely by smuggling. Not in favour of China, for example, is the fact that the Chinese giant Lenovo has already refused to supply its products to the Russian Federation. Chinese businesses do not want to risk their world markets for the sake of the crazy dwarf (Putin), especially because purchasing power of the ruble has fallen to unprecedented levels and will continue falling. And we have absolutely nothing of our own. Even for oil and gas production foreign equipment is used.

Another argument against “wet” fantasies about the USSR restoration is the example of such countries as Iran and North Korea. Have these countries progressed much during the period of isolation? Not at all. Poverty reigns there and there is a complete lack of prospects for the future.

Very soon common people, who are now salivating in defense of the old maniac (Putin), will realize that they are even poorer. That all the money would go to support the army, the police, and propagandists. Construction projects are already stopping, prices in stores are going up, financing is starting to rapidly decline, because we need money for new tanks, and one tank costs so much that it could support the budget of the republic for a month.

In the past, everyone comforted themselves with the mantra “the main thing is that there is no war. But aren’t our loved ones dying in war now?

All these factors indicate that once again the government are lying, lying about being ready for sanctions, lying about fighting Nazism, lying about a “military operation”. But most people do not understand this, digesting the propaganda mush in their heads and believing that all around are enemies. They will realize something only when they have nothing to eat, and when they go out hungry into the streets, they will be beaten by well-fed cops, and then tried by well-fed, fat judges. But it will be too late to do anything.

To be short, even if we return to the USSR, it will be the USSR of the smoker, without Eskimo for 5 kopek, but with GULAG, denunciation and poverty, and without any prospects for our personal and our children’s future. 


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