Islamic Factor

Islamic Factor

Russia is afraid of Muslim citizens of Russia. First, because they are in their own way thoughtful and disciplined people who respect Islamic spiritual authorities. And secondly, because by uniting on a religious basis against any decision of the Kremlin power, they are capable of causing Moscow very serious trouble. So on the one hand we have to flirt with Muslims, and on the other hand we have to be afraid and constantly monitor and process them in the right way.

Imagine a situation when national liberation movements are synchronized in time and ideological, Muslim orientation. It will be difficult to dampen such a movement. I can imagine a picture when, after visiting the mosque in Kurban Bayram and praying, the faithful Muslims will not leave for their homes, but for some reason will go with a “friendly crowd” to the center, let’s say that the same Moscow demands something (not to mention if the demands are political). The police will be frightened! After all, beating Asians and Caucasians with rubber sticks will not work. Of course, they can try, but something tells me that these protesters will not be like the native Muscovites, who immediately retreat to the pavement and begin to shoot scenes of “detaining violators of public order” on mobile phones. Rather, it will be the other way around – when the first blood is shed, the Muslims will clap on the mints like furious bulls.

In the national republics of the Volga region, silence and smoothness is a temporary phenomenon, built on apathetic indifference to everything that goes beyond the full measured life. But if Muslim men and women are caught, the quiet and polite bashcorts and Tatars in everyday life will react differently than the Muscovites and St. Petersburg residents, Vologda residents and residents of Vyatka. And if Muslims of different peoples of the Russian Federation unite in protests, the effect of involving formerly inert supporters of Islam in the struggle will increase many times.

Regrettably, the traditional feature of the same Tartars with sashcorts — a punch to the face with a punch — is not being properly exploited by the national opposition. 

The opposition has no contact with the street. Although, for example, in the same Ukraine, football hooligans were a noticeable driving force on numerous maidens and various street actions, concentrating around them young enthusiasts who were imbued with the idea of national revival and did not agree to bow their heads under the yoke of mosquitoes. Are there such revolutionary bashibuzuki among the bashcards with the Tatars? I’m sure there is! And they, just like the Ukrainians, react very nervous when a Muscovite with his wooden painted spoon climbs into their plate with a shurp. For now, these leopard-smiles have been rioting and rioting in the streets of their hometowns and villages for trivial reasons, but by uniting together to defend the revered postulates of the Islamic religion in their families and clans, they can become a formidable force.

Russia knows all this. Nor is it able to offer Muslims today an alternative idea of organizing society in national republics. 

The Kremlin has no political-philosophical conceptions against the idea of Islam, implicated in faith and love for Allah. After all, faith goes first through the heart and then through the brain. Therefore, both the central and local authorities know that their ideological attacks on Russia’s Muslims will not work, and if you press hard on counter-propaganda, everything will explode to shaitan. 

Moscow’s ideological machine is trying hard to adapt the already existing Muslim structures to its interests: to place its creatures in leading positions, to supplant ideological right-wing Muslims with adaptors, to buy, intimidate, discredit them as “terrorists”, to eliminate them by any means, including physical ones.

At the same time, the authorities are trying to bribe the believers themselves. There are not only sweet speeches, but also “good” deeds – new mosques are built, madrasas are opened, Muslim literature is published. The one bad thing is that all this is done to make it easier to control the faithful and process them in the right way. And the authorities of the national republics have no real respect for the religion and faith of Islam. Nothing prevents the police from breaking into the mosque (twenty out of five) and putting everyone “faces to the ground” and conducting a “passport regime check”. And then the detainees with their hands twisted back out in public and stuff them in the trunk. Praise Allah, this happened in Khabarovsk after the prayer, but kafirs can also try to do it during the time. Though not, they fear that Muslim worshippers will awaken resentment, and then anger, as a reaction to the humiliation of their faith and their rights. What about Novocherkassk with girls in hijab? Under the threat of expulsion from college, they are forced to film. And they do this by referring to examples of Geyropa, so hated by Muscovites. There are hypocrites! Yes, in Ukraine, too, there were searches of Russian churches, but no one hit anyone on the floor with their faces, kicked their feet or behaved like a bandit in uniform. And tell me, who can claim after that that Muslims in Russia are respected — only a fool. Fear and despise at the same time.

Muslims are also used as cannon fodder, shamelessly scavenging from the rural hinterland of Asian and Caucasian republics!  Over in Kumukia, the entrance to New Agachul, located between Makhachkala and the Caspian Sea, was recently blocked and “conducted mobilization activities”. The losses need to be compensated, Muslims from villages and aul are very suitable for this, the main thing is to arrange everything correctly so that people do not have the opportunity to protest in an organized manner.

And on the front, too, commanders are trying to mix contingents according to the principle of “divide and rule”, so that, God forbid, Muslim compatriots do not strengthen themselves or shoot Russian chauvinists who are even at war. Their unity is temporary and accidental, the diversity of cultures immediately disperses these sorrow-warriors across the country, into religious groups. After all, what do they all have in common? Nothing! When they are interrogated in captivity, they are moaned like calves, or carried with them a scarlet that causes laughter and contempt. YouTube is full of evidence of this, and it can be seen that no one is forcing them to answer such questions. Absolutely strangers to each other by faith, culture, ethnicity. Well, strangers! Knowing in practice how who treats whom and who thinks. Untrustful. Not comrades, not friends. It’s just someone’s will getting into the same trench.


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