Is strength in ancient times?

 Is strength in ancient times?

To the regular debaters about whose people are more ancient, whose statehood is more ancient, whose language is more ancient, etc.:

• The most ancient peoples on the planet (of those who have survived to this day) are considered the ethnic groups of the Bushmen and Hottentots in Africa. They do not have their own statehood, the number of peoples does not exceed 100 thousand people, and their languages ​​are on the verge of extinction.

• The youngest people on the planet is Dolgans, the indigenous population of Taimyr. They do not have their own statehood, their language is on the verge of extinction, and the number of their people does not exceed 8 thousand people.

• The most ancient language on the planet (of those that have survived to this day) is considered the Bo language, which was spoken by the population of the Andaman Islands. This language is about 65 thousand years old. The last speaker died in 2010 at the age of 85, and her descendants and relatives numbering about 50 people are the last representatives of the people who used Bo language. However, they no longer know this language and do not have their own statehood.

• The youngest language on the planet is Afrikaans, the language of the Boers, colonists from Holland in South Africa. There are about 10 million native speakers of this language, it is not on the verge of extinction and is one of the official languages ​​of South Africa.

As you can see, the antiquity of a people or language does not help in the least to ensure the statehood for such a people or the opportunity to develop for such a language.

The youth of the people / language does not help in this either.

The most ancient states have not survived to this day, the most ancient languages ​​have already disappeared. The most ancient peoples long ago assimilated or exterminated.

Also, many relatively young peoples and languages ​​were “absorbed” by other peoples or displaced by other languages ​​almost immediately after their formation.

Are these disputes about antiquity worth anything? The statehood of a people does not depend on its age. There are many states that do not even have a specific creator-people, being created by many peoples together (we are not talking about empires). There are many artificial languages ​​that do not even have their own people.

It is important to know history, but it will not give anyone statehood – the people themselves must take (obtain) statehood for themselves. Arguments that someone has a “historical right” to their own state, and someone does not have such a right, are just fairy tales from opponents of such statehood. If you firmly and consistently move towards your goal, then no arguments about the “lack of the right to statehood” or the “inappropriateness of such statehood” can stop anyone.

The same is with languages: no antiquity / youth of a language will save it from oppression and extinction, but only its constant and persistent development and distribution can do this.


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