In Ulan-Ude mother of captivated soldier went to anti-war picket

In Ulan-Ude mother of captivated soldier went to anti-war picket

In Ulan-Ude (the Republic of Buryatia, RF), mother of a missing in captivity contractor Sergey Ochikrov went for an individual anti-war demonstration near Lenin’s monument with a poster “No to war”, journal “Baikal People” informs.

According to Irina Ochirova, her son, a 25 years old driver, took part in war in Ukraine’s territory. On 28th of February, his truck with rockets was under fire. Sergey was wounded and got into captivity.

Ukrainian military personnel recorded a video in which Ochirov said that he was “rear” (tylovyk) from Buryatia. In conversation with “Baikal People ”, Irina Ochirova proved that it is her son. 

“I want everyone to understand that this is real, not fake information. This is my son. He’s been in the army for about seven years” – the woman said.

According to Irina, Sergey Ochirov has been serving in the Divizionnaya military unit in Ulan-Ude – she probably means the military unit #47130, where the missile brigade of Kutuzov and Bogdan Khmelnitsky is located.

In February, Ochirov was sent to military training in Belarus. The son hasn’t told the family anything about the invasion of Ukraine. Yesterday, on the 28th of February he called his mother and said that he’s got a shoulder injury.

Irina couldn’t reach the Russian Ministry of Defense. She wrote an application to the office of Vladimir Putin and the Office of the Commissioner for Human Rights in Buryatia Yulia Zhambalova.

Russian propaganda keeps denying any fact of Russian military men captivation calling them «fakes». Earlier, Moscow stated that «none of the Russian soldiers died during the operation in Ukraine». However, on the 1st of March, bags with troops started being delivered to Russia.

Besides, a representative of the Buryat national movement, Dorzho Dugarov, appealed to the residents of Buryatia and the Buryat diaspora with a call to sabotage the invasion to Ukraine, as well as to organize protests against the war: «I urge all residents of Buryatia to protest against the war. I am asking you to organize rallies and marches in Ulan-Ude and spread the truth about the crimes of Russian leadership led by Vladimir Putin.”


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