In Udmurtia began again massively issue summonses

In Udmurtia began again massively issue summonses

This is evidenced both by the categorical tone of the occupation authorities of the republic and by the intensified mobilization campaign in other territories of the non-empire.

This government has always said one thing and done another. If there had been no subpoenas, Brechalov would have simply remained silent.

The fact that in the so-called “Russian” regions, agendas are already officially issued — in Lipetsk, Voronezh and Kursk — speaks in favor of the mobilization. Of course, the local residents for Moscow are not considered full-fledged “Russians” because of the unfinished process of assimilation, but still. And where is it seen that precious imperial substrate is sent to war ahead of hostile indigenous peoples?

Almost all year we observe how daily obituaries are published in Udmurtia. One or three a day, maybe more. We just can’t keep track of all the obituaries.

Udmurtia has already turned into an apocalyptic territory, where funeral homes operate 24/7 and their advertising hangs wherever possible.

Now we are offered not only to advertise funeral agencies at every step, but also to help multiply the number of funeral homes in the republic.


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