In Udmurtia a new fine for ‘damaging’ Z-swastika

In Udmurtia a new fine for ‘damaging’ Z-swastika

A 36-year-old local was accused of throwing paint cans at the Z-swastika on the facade of the Izhkar Opera House. It was still on 24 February, but the police were unable to find the culprit for a long time.

The court fined the man 30,000 for “discrediting the armed forces of the Russian Federation”.

This swastika was previously inscribed by the guerrillas with the inscription “fascists”.

Will all these fines be returned to the victims when Udmurtia gains independence?  Will compensation be paid to all those victims of the imperial regime who are imprisoned because of their displeasure to the empire? We are not talking about Navalny, but about dissidents and guerrillas from the national liberation movements, who are behind bars far more than any Russian “oppositionists.”

If it is not possible to recover something from Moscow, then let its accomplices on the ground be responsible for everything.


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