In the correctional colony № 5 of Mordovia, another torture of a prisoner under the article “high treason”

Evgeniy Chistov, a former man of the system, was a member of the Russian police until he was accused of working for the CIA and sentenced to 13 years.

According to the Astra, prison guards Vilyaikin, Manushkin, Gorlanov and Salikov came to transfer Chistov to a cell with a mentally ill prisoner. Chistov refused, after which they began to beat him and wring his hands.

Inyazor of the Erzya people Syres Bolyaen lives in Ukraine and knows the Ukrainian language. He knows that “morduvaty” means “torture” in Ukrainian. This name of the republic was imposed on Erzya and Moksha from the outside, imposed by the Kremlin. So Mordovia is a torture chamber. And not only Mordovia, but the entire territory, where the Kremlin power operates, is one big torture chamber, where torture is not some kind of exception, but is mandatory and everyday practice.


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