In Bashkortostan, another death due to the occupation 

In Bashkortostan, another death due to the occupation 

A truck on one of the ice crossings went under the ice on the Belaya River. The “crossing” was closed. Although, what kind of crossing is this if the river simply froze and they began to drive on it due to the lack of bridges, and the under-superpower called this ice the “crossing”, and even “opened” it.

As if it did something, organized something for people. As if it has worked hard so that no one think that all the money goes only to Moscow for a dissolute life and for war – so that, having robbed some colonies, they could rob others with the hands of those who had already been occupied earlier, and the dissolute  life of the imperial elite would never end.

These supreme occupiers and their children fly in helicopters or a new bridge is being built for their arrival, they have no need to skate on ice. I wonder if the drowned driver was proud of the Crimean Bridge or how dashingly Moscow bombed Syria? Maybe not. But it is a fact that they tried to impose on him these thoughts about the greatness of life under occupation every day from his birth.


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