Imperial police attacked a mosque in Khabarovsk

On December 26, at 8 p. m., 15 masked men wearing ‘coloradka’ ribbons burst into the mosque’s canteen, where the clergy and worshippers were present.

All the worshippers were knocked to the floor and beaten, then they broke down the door to the prayer room, where they searched for “forbidden things,” kicking and breaking religious paraphernalia and throwing holy books to the floor. Then they broke into the kitchen, where they hurt the girl who was preparing food for the worshippers.

Later it came out that similar police raids against Muslims took place all over Khabarovsk in restaurants and cafes, where some of the Islamic communities traditionally gathered.

That was the way the quarter was “closed” to make an annual report on the catching of illegal migrants.

No illegal immigrants were found, but a lot of Russian citizens were beaten, sacred things to Muslims and the faith itself were violated, and the true attitude of the under-representation towards Muslims as enemy elements was revealed.

Those who dared to declare their citizenship of the Russian Federation were beaten with their heads on the floor. Their phones were taken away; even one contract serviceman, who had been wounded and recently returned from the war for this empire, was brought to the police station. He must have liked this attitude very much, because “this ‘Motherland’ will always betray you, son”).

What is curious is that, in addition to filing a complaint with the same police, the mosque representative tried to inculcate shame in the policemen for the “‘disgraced honor of the russian soldier,’ which was supposed to be symbolized by the “coloradka” ribbon. That is, unfortunately, even by tolerating this kind of attitude toward themselves, where Muslims at the state level are not considered to be not only their equals, but even people in general, these believers still do not figure out what country they live in, who surrounds them, and who their enemies are.


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