If expansion stops, Russia will die out

If expansion stops, Russia will die out

They are afraid of us, because they understand that there are no 80% “Russians” in the Russian Federation, but in fact there are much fewer, and soon they will indeed be in the minority. Not even because of the influx of migrants, but simply because they die out and are killed in the wars.

Now they will no longer be able to massively assimilate the “racially correct” peoples who outwardly fall under their fictional image of the “mighty Russian hero”. And without the influx of fresh blood Muscovites are finished. They know it, that’s why they started this war. This is their last breakthrough before the decline of the under-empire. Perhaps, there will be one more, but this current one was decisive, and they blew it.

Why are they dying out? Because their entire state is based only on the cult of death, and therefore if the “millstones” grinding the peoples do not work non-stop, then their entire “Russian world” is slowly decreasing. They are dying out because of despair and hopelessness, and despair  and hopelessness are the result of their death cult. That is, the empire lives while fresh peoples are thrown into the furnace. In some ways, this is similar to the end of the Roman Empire, when there were more “barbarians” in it than Romans. Well, or to the position of the Spartans, who lived among the helots superior to them in numbers many times.

Their end is predetermined, but they will try to take with them into oblivion as many peoples as possible.


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