How humiliated and rightless slaves “liberate” a nation of warriors

How humiliated and rightless slaves “liberate” a nation of warriors

We all knew about the oppressed situation of the Tatars even before the Russian invasion of Ukraine. However, it is during the war, when Moscow sends tens of thousands of Russian Muslims to expose the “russian world” at the territory of independent Ukraine, that our slave position manifests itself in a particularly ugly and disgusting way.

A Tatar, potentially the ancestor of the righteous Shahids – the protectors of Kazan, would die in another Russian war of conquest far beyond Tatarstan, far away from Idel-Ural. This very Tatar, dressed in Russian military uniform, would be buried by the Russian soldiers, with the Russian Orthodox Cross as a “Hero of Russia”.

Any Tatar, even though not Kahraman or Alim, or anyone, whose veins run the blood of the last Imam-Sayyid Kul Sharif, would be disgusted with this spectacle. Shame on you, mankurts and all the traitors to our people!

 Oh, God Almighty, turn us into thy true servants, rather than the servants of Russian slaves!


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