Hit the pots not against each other, but against the occupiers

Hit the pots not against each other, but against the occupiers

After the article about the almost inevitability of the Tatar-Bashkort war, we see an example of how the Armenian-Azerbaijani war ended. The status quo has practically remained in the same place where it was before the war began. It turns out that without the guiding hand of the Kremlin, the parties were simply able to agree. And on quite acceptable terms for each of the parties.

Only all this cost tens of thousands of lives on both sides, hundreds of thousands of refugees, ruined and poisoned nature, many destroyed cities and villages, slowdown and even decline of the economies of both countries for several decades. Let that war be an example why another similar war should not be started.

It is better to fight together against a common enemy than, to his delight, to fight with each other when it seems there are no categorically irreconcilable differences.

How quickly would we have liberated the territory of all the republics of the Idel-Ural if we did not have any stereotypes imposed by Moscow, with which they are trying to divide and quarrel us? One often sees that the Free Idel-Ural is an “imperial project of the Tatars.” Are you serious? One of the co-founders of the movement is an Erzya. The second is a Tatar. From the Turks and the Finno-Ugric peoples, there is one leader from each side.

No one is against if leaders from other nations appear who will join our movement. There is no imperial project. There is a project of the confederation by gaining independence and sovereignty for each republic, and only then, according to its decision, joining / not joining the Idel-Ural confederation. We are far behind even a Russian volunteer corps (which is fighting for the reformatting of the empire, but not its disintegration). They can already resist the regular Russian army, and we still have a long way to gain strength and resources. All of us. To every nation of the Volga region. If we cannot achieve this result alone, then let’s at least do it all together. Or we will disappear all together, without a fight.

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