Happy Sovereignty Day: a monument to General Shaimuratov was unveiled in Bashkortostan

Happy Sovereignty Day: a monument to General Shaimuratov was unveiled in Bashkortostan

Today, the inhabitants of the republic recall that once their homeland proclaimed sovereignty. On October 11, 1990, thanks to the republican public and the Bashkir national movement, the republic acquired state sovereignty, i.e. independence.

“Thanks to this, although limited, but sovereignty, our republic was able to break into one of the leaders of development among the national republics.

Unfortunately, today all these gains of Bashkortostan residents are finished and trampled on.

Moreover, today the republic does not have even what it used to have under the Soviet Union.

This means that there is not just stagnation of development, but a complete regression.

At the moment, educated people understand that only complete independence, freedom in internal and external affairs will be able to pull us out of the swamp where Putin’s policy has brought us,” Bashkir National Political Center reminds.

Yes, once Bashkortostan used to have certain autonomy and could independently solve a narrow range of issues on the internal republican agenda.

Now in Russian colonies, the situation is completely different. Moscow formulated the image of the “ideal Bashkir”, whose patron is a participant in the Tambov uprising suppression, a Kremlin guard, General Minigali Shaimuratov.

Today in Ufa (to the anthem of the Russian Federation, not of Bashkortostan) a monument was unveiled to him. It aims to remind Bashkir people that their main mission is to serve Moscow, to be a soldier of the empire. It is not so important whether you are a Tatar or a Bashkir: to be an example, you must be loyal to Moscow.

We are sure that the historical mission of the Bashkir, as well as the Tatar people, is to gain freedom and create their own states. Bashkirs and Tatars should become a symbol of freedom, not a monument to slavery.


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