Georgians defeated the Adyghe mankurts near Bakhmut

The Black Eagle unit showed how they threw the Adyghe national flag into the dirt, with which the Russian occupiers came to Ukraine, and with which they came to Georgia in 1992-1993.

The comments say that the Georgians overdid it and offended the entire Adyg nation. Well, if this is so, then anyone who does not want his nation to be offended is obliged to make sure that there are no such compelling reasons to offend. That is with their own strength, with the strength of their nation to stop, suppress, and anticipate any reasons for negativity on the part of other peoples.

There are not only Adyghe flags on the imperial front. There are flags of almost all the peoples of the Russian Federation. And all of them are trampled, torn, burned when captured by the enemy. All. It is the fact. Even if such footage does not get on the Internet, this is still reality nevertheless. We just do not see everything, not everything is filmed. These are the realities of war and such is the righteous anger towards the mankurts with these flags.

To prevent this from happening, we should not allow people from our nations or Republics to participate in imperial adventures. That is all. Then we will not see anything similar. As long as they are fighting, it will be so. We should despise for this not those who did this with the flags of the occupiers on the foreign land, but those who dared to come there with these flags. Do not lose the causal link. 

Georgians understand what they are fighting for – for the freedom of their country, for freedom for everyone, for the disintegration of the empire. The Adyghe mankurts fight only for slavery and for the destruction of the Adyghe nation. So the use of any national flag in these wars looks especially cynical. If you fight for Russia, then fight for Russia, and do not pretend that you are fighting for Adygea. Participation in the imperial wars only leads the Adygs to the emergence of new enemies that they did not have before. Do not the Adygs care that their national flag is thrown away like garbage? For what?

Sometimes in the chat they write that “this is not our war, this is the war between Russians and Ukrainians.” But excuse me, the imperials have always clearly stated that if they had not fought with Ukraine, they would have fought with any other former republic of the USSR or the former territory of the Russian Empire. So, in any case, there would have been a war, and in any case, the indigenous peoples would have been driven to slaughter without any “whether I want it or not.” This has always been, throughout the existence of the Moscow State. So, in this particular war, is it worth huddling quietly in a hole and waiting it out, or is it worth putting an end to the empire once and forever already now, and not waiting for more and more wars in which indigenous peoples will disappear, and their flags will be trampled by those who are rightly angry at the mankurts, who are ready to die for the sake of the non-existence of their own people?

Or will this war become “our” only with an attack on Kazakhstan and Finland? So the imperials will attack when they are ready – there is no doubt about that. If we allow them to be prepared for new wars. If we allow Russia to continue to exist. And then everyone will say the same thing, “this is the war between Finns and Russians,” “these are problems between Russians and Kazakhs, and we have nothing to do with it.”


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