General Shamanov gathered priests and Muftis to give them instructions on “Ukrainian issue”

General Shamanov gathered priests and Muftis to give them instructions on “Ukrainian issue”

“World’s traditional religions are against ideologies of nazism and fashism in the 21 century,” this was the title of the round table convened recently in the State Duma for media chekists and their lackeys. Ukraine was on the agenda.

The event was chaired by State Duma deputy and Colonel general of the AF of the Russian Federation Vladimir Shamanov, infamous for his “cleansings”, mass executions of civilians and an airstrike on a refugee convoy during the Chechen war. Some of his crimes are officially confirmed by the European court. For this special event in the State Duma he brought “religious” scholars pledging to eradicate the Kremlin’s enemies.

The key idea of this event is for participants to  publicly express their loyalty to Moscow, Putin and his regime. Futhermore, the attendees acknowledged their support of the invasion in Ukraine and requested “more intense eradication of nazis”.

The so-called “Mufti of the spiritual Muslim congregation of Russia Albir Krganow” сomplained that minds of the Russian youth are easy manipulated by the Western special services due to insufficient brainwashing. “We need to work closely with the youth, so they feel themselves a part of the great country and are able to advocate the motherland’s ideals and principles,” claimed a pocket Mufti.

Russian popes haven’t disappointed Shamanov either. “God is with us and victory is inevitably on our side. Russia is a tool in God’s arms to stop spreading everything abominable in God’s eyes on the land. All immorality comes from the USA. Washington is the devil’s lair,” reported a monk of the Russian Orthodox Church Kyprian (in civilian life he is Valery Burkov “hero of Russia” and in the Afghan war, executioner of Muslims).

However, the most happiness to Shamanov brought a chekist from Ingushetia Ismail Berdiev, who is currently working as the “Chairman of the Coordinating Center for Muslims of the North Caucasus”.

“We have to finish this operation. And no negotiations, even if they agree to capitulate. We have to destroy them completely… No “Ukraine” should exist,” said Berdiev, curator of the Muslim line in the Republic of Ingushetia.

Shamanov was very content with personnel and henchmen, sincerely thanking all the speakers for their service.


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