Gauleiter of Chuvashia is just a great human being

Gauleiter of Chuvashia is just a great human being

Nikolaev allocated a special grant from the budget of the republic for a cultural event for the Chuvash.

It goes without saying that it is not just for the Chuvash culture, but for the great Russian culture – two performances at the Russian Drama Theater based on the work of the Muscovite and Stalinist propagandist Boris Polevoy “The Novel of the Real Man.” No, do not think that there is no blasphemy against Russian culture – the performances have not been translated into the Chuvash language. Because “they will understand anyway,” why should they be translated? Moreover, they will have to pay: 250 – 600 rubles for performances already paid for from the budget of the republic. 

Boris Polevoy has another work on a similar topic, “Memoirs of a Lousy Man”, which describes the life of the people of the bottom – Nikolaev and Polevoy.

If Russian culture is so in demand in Chuvashia, why support it with grants?


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