Fortress “Russia” turned out to be a hut

Fortress “Russia” turned out to be a hut

Everyone writes, “Prigozhin shook the regime with his performance and he did it because he found out about the planned assassination attempt on him.”

But behind Prigozhin is the Main Intelligence Directorate. The Main Intelligence Directorate has always competed with the Federal Security Service. Prigozhin is not the director of Wagner PMC, but only its staff PR specialist.

He is not such an upstart, there are other commanders over him, in addition to Dmitriy Utkin, there is, for example, Aleksei Dyumin, the governor of the Tula region, the former head of Putin’s bodyguards and the person associated with the Main Intelligence Directorate.

Such operations are not done spontaneously. They are prepared for many months and by many people. In case you were not paying attention, there was almost no resistance to the advance of his units. The troops simply did not follow Putin’s commands to attack. Only some commanders obeyed Putin, that is why they suffered losses from the clash with the Wagner militants. Most of the army sabotaged all this. This means that most of the army generals were in collusion with the Main Intelligence Directorate and against Shoigu and Putin.

Prigozhin would have taken Moscow if he had not been ordered to turn back. Since he was ordered to do this, it means that the Main Intelligence Directorate officers bargained some conditions for themselves that they wanted.

What exactly they bargained for, we will find out a little later. In any case, the story is not over yet – after all, this situation has shown everyone how shaky power is under Putin, and only agreements and concessions can save it.

All Putin’s gauleiters paused until Putin’s speech. This means that they did not know who would be the winner. So we can forget about their feigned loyalty to Putin – Zdunov, Minnikhanov, Brechalov, Zaitsev, Nikolaev and Khabirov showed yesterday that they would fall under any power that has military force.


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