Federalist populism

Federalist populism

In many chats of national republics, the topic of “real federalization” of the Russian Federation, real concessions from Moscow to its colonies, and “delegation of greater powers to the regions” is being vigorously promoted.

Many people have believed in this nonsense and are actually working for exactly this result. For example, Udmurtia without corruption, Angry Chuvashia, etc. There are such people in every republic, and there are many of them. Someone really believes, and someone works for the Federal Security Service.

However, what awaits us in reality?

Moscow will never allow us to exist without its tight grip.

We were conquered not to have rights and freedoms. We still exist as separate nations in spite of, and not thanks to Moscow’s policy.

How Moscow really treats us can be judged by its actions towards neighboring countries: not only Ukraine, but also Georgia, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Belarus, the Baltic countries, etc. After all, its attitude towards us is exactly the same as towards them. The only difference is that they are mostly not under occupation.

The maximum we can count on under the Russian occupation of our republics is federalism at the regional level. Moscow will not allow national republics, territories and autonomies to exist longer: the plan to transform the entire empire into a set of regions, as it was before the Soviet Union, has existed since the 2000s. Therefore, all republics, autonomies and territories will be renamed into regions, and their territorial composition will be deliberately changed so that only one specific nation does not prevail anywhere.

Even with a change of power in Moscow, the policy of the Kremlin towards indigenous peoples will remain unchanged. Therefore, only the Russians will receive “real federalism,” although this is doubtful, since there are those among them who do not want to feed Moscow and want the collapse of the empire. They are unlikely to get it, because the federalists have neither a military wing nor partisan cells, while Moscow understands only force. They are just dreamers and talkers, whose ideas are welcomed by Moscow, because they calm and lull the dozing peoples with them, who continue to obediently wait for someone from the outside to come and free them by his own strength.

So do not divert your attention, time and effort to allied relations with the “federalists”. They will not bring us anything good. They can only intimidate that “it will be bad if Russia is divided.” Yes, it will. But to stay with Russia is even worse, and the further it goes, the worse it gets.

Remember! Our nations have already been told this tale twice: in 1917 and in 1991. Both times it ended badly for us.


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